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With a mutual fascination for true crime, Emily and Alisha have taken it upon themselves to explore the depravity that holds a special place in the Pacific Northwest. Murder in the Rain examines the brutality, history, and humanity of these notorious murders. With the help of authors, psychologists, detectives, victim's families and their producer Josh, Murder in the Rain Podcast brings an understanding as to who the victims were while investigating the killer's origins and motives. For images and videos of all the key players for each episode, check out the corresponding episode blog. Subscribe, talk crime, and enjoy the ride!



Emily spent much of her youth soaking up the details of every episode of Unsolved Mysteries and sneaking crime novels into her middle school book reports. Her infatuation with true crime typically finds itself in causal office conversation and boardgame night, leaving her with ample numbers of admiring suitors, obviously.



While Alisha's day to day career allows her to be up close and personal with the newest generation affected by households of abuse and neglect, she doesn't let that stop her from having a sense of humor about the dark and twisted stories we chat about over brunch.



A native of Southern California, Josh moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue his dream of having a beard and being damp all the time. He is eighteen hands tall and afraid of the dark.