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Driven to kill

By Gary C. King

Read for Episode 91: "Eye For An Eye"


If you want details about Westley Allan Dodd, his history, and his victims, you will get them here along with some photos. King always does a great job at making it easy to follow along with a case. Definitely, rough content, be prepared.

Murder in Room 305

By Gary C. King

Read for Episode 74: "If The Money Is Right"


So, I didn't read it, Josh did and I need to ask him to give me a short review. But until then, here's what I can tell you... this is a very good true crime author!

True Story

Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa

By Michael Finkel

Read for Episode 60: "He Was Counterfeit"


Very well written! I couldn't tear myself away from it. I loved how the story of the Longo family murders was intertwined with the author Michael Finkel's personal story. As the book went on,  you get the sense that Finkel learned a lot about himself through the trials of connecting with Longo. An incredibly interesting view on this case; close up and person.

Perfect Victim

By Christine McGuire and Carla Norton

Read for Episode 54 "2,640 Days"


Well written! I love how this book toggles from the perspective of Colleen's situation and then the legal side of things, it gives the reader a strong empathy for the work that goes into a case with overwhelming evidence. Never have I been so outraged at a defense lawyer in one of the books I've read for a case! Note: don't order the audio book, it's missing a ton of chapters, get the paper back.

The Killer Across the Table

By John E Douglas andMark Olshaker

Read for Episode 50 "Uncle Joe"

A great read! John E Douglas can bring insight like no one else can. His job and notoriety give him access to talk to people never of us could imagine. In this book he covers conversations with several murderers and in each of them he pulls insight to consider. Worth the purchase 100%.

Kids Who Kill:

Case 5: Kelly Ellard & Warren Glowatski

By Kathryn McMaster

Read for Episode 46 "The Beginning of Her End"

This is a quick read at 110 pages, but you take away the gist of the story and the impact and consequences. You'll not only get details on the crime but a snapshot of each trial. 

The I-5 Killer

By Ann Rule

Read for Episode 38 "Number 5"

Another artfully written Ann Rule account of the dirty dealings of one Randall Woodfield. Packed with all the details any reader could want, it's too bad Ann couldn't post an update with the things we've learned in recent years. 

A Murder in my Hometown

By Rebecca Morris

Read for Episode 30 "Nightmare Year"

It's like taking a step back in time and walking in the shoes of a teen in the quant town of Corvallis. I was filled with equal parts nostalgia for my hometown and annoyance at the lack of justice for Dick. Overall, a great read.


The Life and Crimes of Clifford Olson

By Peter Worthington

Read for Episodes 27 & 28 "Skinner"

I enjoyed this book as it was scattered with a ton of information I hadn't found yet. This book was written by Peter Worthington using his detailed interviews with Olson.  

Ted and Ann

By Rebecca Morris

Read for Episode 26 "Bless Our Ann"

A new perspective on a notorious American Serial Killer. Did Ted get his start with a local girl he knew? This book does a great job getting inside of this family's tragedy and exploring a new theory of the genesis of Ted Bundy while never forgetting little Ann, a lost little girl. 

Banquet of Consequences

The Carnation Murders Trial of Michele Anderson

By Paul Sanders

Read for Episode 20 "Kissing Wounds"

An interesting perspective of the trial of Michele Anderson from the point of view of a juror. It was nice to see details that were not published in news papers, but it was also a little painful to get through some of the more descriptive ones. 

The Peyton-Allan Files

By Phil Stanford

Read for Episode 14 "Lovers Lane"

Packed full of information. This is a big case full of details, an endless list of suspects, and a very long timeframe, so it was nice to have one great source to reference.


Body Count

By Burl Barer

Read for Episode 11"Homeboy Wrote Camaro"


Of the Spokane Serial killer coverage currently available, I preferred this book over the two others I read for this case.


It is jam packed with details on the case, and the author clearly interviewed people involved in the case.


Murder in Spokane

By Mark Fuhrman

Read for Episode 11 "Homeboy Wrote Camaro"

Get your towel, because this book is dripping with Mark Fuhrman's hubris. There were moments I quite liked, such as the advocacy for bridging the gap between people working the streets and law enforcement. And while I got a few good tidbits from this book, there are better books on the case without all of the personal back patting. 

The New Evil

By Michael Stone MD and Gary Brucato, PhD

Read for Episode 5 "Scale of Awfulness"

Horrifying and thorough, I could not put this down. You will get sucked in on page 1. Easy to read which was surprising considering it was written by doctors!


The Oregon City Girls

By Linda O'Neal, Philip Tennyson & Rick Watson

Read for Episode 1 "Dig Me Up"

An interesting perspective. Keep in mind, one of the writers knows one of the victims. However, I enjoyed this easy read. 

Driven to kill

By Gary C. King

Read for Episode 91: "Eye For An Eye"


If you want details about Westley Allan Dodd, his history, and his victims, you will get them here along with some photos. King always does a great job at making it easy to follow along with a case. Definitely, rough content, be prepared.

Deep in the Woods

The 1935 Kidnapping of Nine Year Old George Weyerhaeuser

By Bryan Johnston

Read for Episode 72: "For Ransom"


So vivid, I felt like I was transported to 1935. This book is so jam packed of information I felt like I learned more about the formation of the FBI and Hoover than I did in school. The character development is strong. I highly recommend this one if you like old timey crimey!

Love, Daddy

The True Story of Accused Con Man and Family Killer Christian Longo

By Carlton Smith

Read for Episode 60: "He Was Counterfeit"


Focused on the facts and timeline, Smiths book is an easy read and will give readers an overview of the entire case. While the author is thorough and fact driven, you do get a sense of his opinion.

Kondro: The Uncle Joe Killer

By Lori Carangelo

Read for Episode 50 "Uncle Joe"


A very concise and easy to ingest review of Joe Kondro and the horrors he committed. The book covers his childhood, his crimes, and then dives into facts and figures around child predators.


Overall, a good read - I recommend if you have interesting this case.

Under the Bridge

By Rebecca Godfrey

Read for Episode 46 "The Beginning of Her End"

A thorough and heartbreaking book about how childhood mistakes can easily transition into adult decisions you can't take back. This book looks at the good and the bad of these kids. Reena's story had a major impact on her community and this book really does an excellent job of understanding her, her story, and how others carry what happened to her for the rest of their lives.

Karly Sheehan:

True Crime Story Behind Karly's Law

By Karen Spears Zacharias

Read for Episode 40 "Complicit"

A book in dedication to a little girl who will never have all the things life had to offer. This book was sad, frustrating, and yet, oddly motivating to try and make the world better for the thousands of innocent lives who are victims of abuse. Karen writes with love, regret, hope, and sincerity, but with a care and thoroughness that only one who experienced true heartbreak could do. 

If You Tell

A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood.

By Gregg Olson

Read for Episode 36 "Wallowing"

A beautifully written book about the terrifying childhood three sisters endured. Thanks to this book Kathy, Shane, Ron and Mac will not be forgotten. If you want to know more details from the Knotek case, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Go get it immediately.

The Best New True Crime...

The Best New True Crime Stories: Serial Killers

By Mitzi Szereto

Read for Episodes 27 & 28 "Skinner"

A complication of serial killer chapters written by multiple authors. I loved that each chapter had a different topic and narrative. I throughly enjoyed this book.

The Beast of British Columbia

By Elizabeth Broderick

Read for Episodes 27 & 28 "Skinner"

A great overview of the life and crimes of Clifford Olson Jr. While the topic is hard to ingest, the book does a great job of making it as easy to read as possible. 

Lust Killer

By Ann Rule writing as Andy Stack

Read for Episode 25 "Junkyard Shoes"

A very thorough and captivating book! You learn a lot about what makes Jerry tick and what he did to these innocent women, but what I found to be most intriguing is the coverage about his wife, who was also a victim. I highly recommend this book if you have interest in this case. 

Starvation Heights

By Gregg Olsen

Read for Episode 15 "The Cursed Bathtub"

A delightfully written albeit horrifying tale that I can't fathom actually happened here in the PNW. Gregg artfully narrates the harrowing tale of Dora Williamson and her escape from a place locals call Starvation Heights run by a woman who is either delusional or sadistic. Get some tea and a comfy blanket and dig in, I was alternating from mouth agape to delightful giggles at how funny this author can be when describing people.

To The Bridge

By Nancy Rommelmann

Read for Episode 13 "Help Me"

A book written with dedication and attention to detail. Nancy wrote this book in such a way, that it allowed the reader to explore the holes in their own opinion. Reviewing a monstrous act to see the humanity in the dark space a mother was inhabiting. By the end of the book, the reader may find themselves blaming more than just the person responsible. Amanda was full of pain, neglect, and abuse - she was a lost women in a time where we expect mothers to be perfect. 


The Spokane Killer

By Jack Smith

Read for Episode 11"Homeboy Wrote Camaro"

Quick and to the point! This book was easy to ingest and gave quite a bit of detail. If you are looking for just a bit more but don't want to spend a whole week reading about it, this is the book for you. 

Small Sacrifices

By  Ann Rule

Read for Episode 9 "The Wolf"

Good content, easy to follow. Timeline and forensics could have been cleaner. The author was too kind when describing Diane's character and looks. 

 Check out the movie version staring Farrah Faucet, despite her non-Diane hair and face, she played the part very well!

Through the Window

By Diane Fanning

Read for Episode 2 "Coast to Coast"

So many details! This author had access to the brain of one of the most violent murders and was able to get him to tell her all about the nightmares he inflicted. 

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