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Episode 79: Plenty Of Catfish

Updated: May 30, 2022

Technology facilitated sexual violence or TFSV, is a term that was created to describe digitally-focused harassment that can include sexual harassment, gender, and sexuality-based harassment, cyberstalking, image-based sexual exploitation, revenge porn, sexual abuse, and violence. And unfortunately, the violence doesn't always stop there. More and more we are seeing cases of murder facilitated through dating apps. Today, Emily will share two cases, both tragedies that occurred when two people made a connection on the popular dating site Plenty Of Fish. These are the murders of Ingrid Lyne and Christine Wood.

Ingrid Lyne

Ingrid Lyne and her children

John Charlton

Ingrid and John on their date to the Mariner's game, photos courtesy of HLN

Ingrid's car, the recycling bin where Ingrid was found, recycling center where Ingrid was found

John Charlton in court

Protection order from John's parents

Ingrid’s Lynes family has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser in the hopes of raising money for her three daughters.

Christine Wood

Christine and Brett in his basement

Brett's basement after Luminol spray

Soybean field where Christine's body was uncovered

Christine's phone located near soybean field

Christine Wood

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Sex & Murder S1E1 “Date with the Devil” | People - Man who found dismembered remains | CBS News - Police reveal what suspect said | Fox13 - Parents of Suspect | People - Seattle Mom Murdered | Seattle Homicide - Probable Cause Documents John Charlton | The News Tribune - Slaying suspect charged with murder | Daily Mail - Has man butchered Seattle mother | The Seattle Times - Man Pleads Guilty | The Seattle Times - Man Sentenced to 27 Years | Brickfield and Donahue - What are the dangers of online dating | ProPublica - tinder Lets known sex offender use the app | - Christine Wood met accused killer through online dating site, Winnipeg jury hears in Day 1 of trial - Winnipeg | - Christine Wood's killer sentenced to life with no parole for 15 years - Winnipeg | Watch News Videos Online - Homicide detective talks about the timeline of events in Christine Wood murder | CBC News- Just say u don't know what i do,' accused texted ex after police interview, murder trial hears | YouTube - Missing Person - Christine Wood - Homicide Investigation C16-174340 | Global News - There was bones | Winnipeg Free Press - Photos Show Christine Wood | Brodsky - Manslaughter Murder | RAINN - Online Dating and Dating App Safety Tips

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May 19, 2022


May 19, 2022

I’m looking for information on the Ashley Wadsworth case. upon a search on Apple podcasts this episode comes up. Did you cover it?

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