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Episode 96: A Long Run in the Shadows

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In 1923 rural Oregon, a brazen daytime train robbery ended after a strong-arm takeover and a massive dynamite blast, deployed to open a safe containing an alleged fortune, destroyed the train's mail car, setting it ablaze. As it charred to ruin, one person was consumed in the fire and three others were brutally cut down by gunfire. These crimes resulted in a years-long manhunt for the three-man team who had fled far and wide from their epicenter. This is the story of The DeAutremont Brothers, their folly in taking after the Old West outlaws they had grown up worshiping, and the railcar they stopped one cloudless October afternoon: Train Number 13, The Gold Special.

Photo from Criminal Encyclopedia

Actual detonator found after explosion (photos courtesy of Postal Museum)

Train 13, The Gold Special (photo courtesy of the Postal Museum)


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