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Ep. 115 Unprecedented

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In the 1970 and 80s, a serial rapist plagued Portland, OR, and surrounding areas. His modus operandi was that he would jog through neighborhoods in east Portland scouting for potential victims. When he found a young girl or woman that captured his attention, he would watch them, sometimes for days, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. When she was alone, he would break in, attack her, hide his face, and rape her before slipping back out into the night. It would take nearly a decade for police to capture him and 36 years later, the survivors of the Portland “Jogger Rapist” still band together in search of justice. We are merely weeks away from his release from prison, and I want to be sure you know who could be moving in next door to you.

Episode Host: Emily Rowney

Guests: Danielle Tudor and Tiffany Edens

Colleen Kelly, Tiffany Edens, and Danielle Tudor

Photo courtesy of The Oregonian.

Left to Right: Danielle Tudor age 17, Danielle's home at time of attack, Danielle today

Photos courtesy of Danielle Tudor

Tiffany Edens
Photos courtesy of Tiffany Edens

Photo of Colleen Kelly, holding a photo of herself at age 13, the age she was attacked, Photo courtesy of Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian

Tiffany Edens testifying in 2008, photos courtesy of Tiffany Edens, Pamplin Media, and

Left to right: Original composite sketch, Richard Gillmore mug shot, Richard Gillmore's home

Photos courtesy of Danielle Tudor and Multnomah County Corrections

Richard Gillmore

Photos courtesy of Oregon Live and VINE

Peaceful Protest information (Join on Facebook):

Check out some of the organizations and sources that are near and dear to our guests hearts and consider making a donation to a rape survivor


Interview with Tiffany Edens and Danielle Tudor 11.06.2022 | Victims of Portland ‘jogger rapist’ outraged he'll be released from prison as low-level offender | Serial ‘jogger rapist’ to be released from Oregon prison | Statesman Journal - 06.25.2008 He has altered my life forever | Statesman Journal - 05.16.2008 Rape victim says parole board retraumatized her | RAINN - Sex Crimes Oregon | Statesman Journal - 10.14.2008 Rapist is moved to E. oregon | Oregon Gov - Sex Offender Noficiation Leveling Program | Oregon State - Sex Offenders | Women’s eNews - Victims of Serial Rapist Transform Oregon Law | Youtube - The Oregonian - Tiffany Edens, victim of rapist Richard Gillmore speaks out | YouTube - Powerful Voices Project - The Journey of Danielle Tudor | YouTube - Multnomah County - Learning from a survivor of sexual violence | Oregon Crime Victim’s Rights and Roles | - Static-99R Coding Rules | Survivor says ‘Jogger Rapist’ not to be trusted, protests release conditions |

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