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Ep. 133/134 Explosive Parts 1 & 2

Updated: Apr 3

Part 1: "The Maximum Amount Of Damage"

In Portland, an extortion letter threatening a bombing was received and in the process of being read when said bomb exploded inside a downtown department store. The search for the culprits stretched on for months before an unrelated case of mail fraud led investigators to a known grifter and his accomplice, whom he employed as 'his eyes', due to the lack of vision of his own. In part one of Explosive, I'll also thrill you with the story of Portland's own Liberty Bell and that time in 1970, when it exploded.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

Explosive Part 2: "An Act of Sheer Madness"

Before 1970, anyone over the age of twelve could legally purchase dynamite in Oregon. Beginning in 1963 on the University of Oregon Campus and the surrounding area, many many bombs were detonated. Mostly aimed at military buildings off-campus and ROTC buildings, on campus, the bombings didn't slow until the law changed, and almost no one was ever charged significantly for the crimes.

In part two of Explosive, we’ll discuss the University of Oregon bombings and Odie's Steakhouse and Bronco Room, in the tiny town of Elgin, Oregon, which exploded in 1986, killing one man and sending another fleeing from justice for over a decade.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

Part 1: "The Maximum Amount Of Damage"

Top Row: William Clarence Peddicord

Bottom Row: Clipping Gazette-Times (left) The Peddicord Family, OHS Digital Collections (right)

The Story of Aaron Meier, Tualatin Life (left), Postcard of Meier & Frank, Portland History (right)

Oregonians posing with the Liberty Bell 1915, 1859oregonmagazine (left), Oregonian Article, Portland City Hall Explosion (Oregonian)

Explosive Part 2: "An Act of Sheer Madness"

The original Odie, Lovelace Funeral

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