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Ep. 166 Crime & Updates 2

Monthly Update!

It’s time to recap October and there’s so much to talk about! Like how much fun we had at CrimeCon! We’ll also shout out some new friends, Patreon supporters, and some concerning issues in the true crime community. Alisha and Emily will give updates on the Meshay Melendez and Layla Stewart case from our live show, the trial for the parties responsible for the death of Manny Ellis (from episode: Unknown Trouble), the trials surrounding Elijah McClain’s death, the case review for the officers involved in the death of Jaahnavi Kandula in Seattle, Cameron Hooker’s (ep: 2,640 Days) upcoming status review and the big news about Natalee Holloway’s case. Then Emily will make us all jealous as she shares the details of her upcoming, month-long vacation to Australia!

Meshay Melendez and Layla Stewart

Meshay Melendez and Layla Steward, photo from The Columbian

Manny Ellis

Manual Ellis, photo from the Seattle Times

Officers Christopher Burbank, Matthew Collins, and Rankine, photos from Seattle Times Timothy

Elijah Trial

Elijah McClain, photo from Fox News

Seattle Police Investigation

Jaahnavi Kandula, photo from ABC News

Daniel Auderer, photo from Times Now

Natalee Holloway Case

Natalee Holloway, photo from E Online

36-year-old Joran Van der Sloot, photo from CBS

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Manny Ellis Trial

Elijah trial

Seattle Police Investigation

Natalee Holloway Case

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