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Ep. 171 Crime & Updates 3

In this week’s Murder in the Rain, we have some updates for some of our recent episodes as well as highlighting a few unsolved and missing persons cases. You can expect to hear about…

  • 28 year old Wilma Acosta  who has been missing since November 26th 

  • Correction Corner: A Josh Mispronunciation

  • Rapist and Kidnapper Cameron Hooker - did he have his day in court?

  • Some mysterious deaths, did Josh manifest them?

  • An update on murderer Derek Chauvin and just how well prison is treating him

  • An update on the officers on trial for the death of Manny Ellis

  • A brief addendum to our episode from 2021 “Hearts and Death”

  • Remains identified in Oregon, Wisconsin

  • The Unsolved hit and run deaths of Brandon Coleman and Maria Negrete

  • Murderer Tyron Theis has been on the run for over 30 years

Cameron Hooker, photos from KRCR

Derek Chauvin, photos from The Evening Standard

Delmer Anholt Jr, "Hearts and Death" episode

The remains of Connie Christenson were finally identified after over 40 years in Oregon, Wisconsin. Photo from Pal-Item

On October 21st, around 4:30 am, 34-year-old Brandon Coleman was walking near the Morrison Bridge on-ramp at Naito Parkway when he was struck and killed a vehicle which fled the scene.

On September 18th, 2023 Maria Negrete was struck by a vehicle on SW Hall Blvd in Tigard Oregon. The vehicle fled the scene. She died of her ijuries two days later.

January 17th, 2023 will mark the 30th anniversary of the multiple murders at Gresham Leather’s Oil commited by Tyrom Theis. Photo from Fandom.


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