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Ep. 174 An Enduring Mystery

The Martin Family loaded into their cream-and-red station wagon for a trip up the highway on December 7, 1958. The family was on the hunt for a Christmas tree and greens to make wreaths. From Portland, they drove east into the Columbia River Gorge. Parents Ken(54) and Barbara(48, I know) were in the front, with Ken driving, and their daughters Suzie, Virginia, and Barbie were in the back.

As night fell on the Martins' block, a few neighbors noticed the family hadn't returned. The station wagon wasn't parked under the carport, and the lights inside the home were out. No one was home, and they would never be home again. Five members of the Martin family vanished that day, most of them without a trace.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

The Martin Family, photos from All That's Interesting and KOIN

Missing Poster, photo from All That's Interesting

The Martin Family Car, photo from FactsChology

Richard Allen Hunt, Photos from FBI and Ancestry

Lester K Price, photos from Ancestry.

Clifford Bennett, photos from Ancestry


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Vayne Gurdane, Safe Cracking Training - 1952 | Oregon State Police | Let Me Say This About That | Kudos for 'In the crosshairs of conscience': Letter to the editor - | Daughter of Gary Haugen's first victim speaks out - 

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