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Ep. 181 & 182 The Green River Killer

Updated: Mar 12

Episode 181 "Victims of Opportunity"

In the early 1980s, a terrifying pattern started to emerge; young women and girls disappearing from the Seattle-Tacoma area. It would take a little over two years for most people to realize the severity of the pattern. When multiple bodies of strangled females were discovered in the Green River and surrounding forests, the media put the population on high alert, there was a prolific serial killer here in the Pacific Northwest. This week on Murder in the Rain, we revisit the case of the Green River Killer in preparation for next week’s discussion with Nic Edwards, one half of the dynamic duo who hosts the popular podcast True Crime Garage.  

Episode Host: Emily Rowney

Episode 182: "The Riverman with Nic Edwards"

Last week we revisited the case of the Green River Killer in preparation for this week’s exciting crossover episode slash event, my discussion with Nic Edwards, one-half of the dynamic duo who hosts the popular podcast True Crime Garage.  We discuss everything from how Gary Ridgway’s childhood may have impacted his psychology to why it made it so darn hard to catch him. 

Episode Host: Emily Rowney & Nic Edwards

Gary Leon Ridgway (photo credits: Kiro news, Oxygen)

He loved short shorts and his dogs (photo creds: reddit)

He really loved his dogs (photo creds:

Gary Ridway's Victims

Photos from

The Victims of Gary Ridgway

Wendy Lee Coffield, 16

Debra Lynn Bonner, 23

Marcia Fay Chapman, 31

Cynthia Jean Hinds, 17

Opal Charmaine Mills, 16

Gisele Ann Lovvorn, 17

Linda Jane Rule, 16

Carol Ann Christensen, 21

Shawnda Leea Summers, 16

Gail Lynn Mathews, 23

Yvonne "Shelly" Antosh, 19

Constance Elizabeth Naon, 19

Kelly Marie Ware, 22

Mary Bridget Meehan, 18

Kimi-Kai Pitsor, 16

Delise Louise Plager, 22

Lisa Yates, 19

Wendy Stephens, 14

Cheryl Lee Wims, 18

Delores LaVerne Williams, 17

Debbie May Abernathy, 26

Terry Rene Milligan, 16

Sandra Kay Gabbert, 17

Alma Ann Smith, 18

Tina Marie Thompson, 21

Colleen Renee Brockman, 15

Mary Sue Bello, 25

Martina Theresa Authorlee, 18

Carrie Ann Rois, 15

Denise Darcel Bush, 23

Shirley Marie Sherrill, 18

Mary Exzetta West, 16

Sandra Denise Major, 20

Lori Anne Razponik, 15

Tracy Ann Winston, 19

Maureen Sue Feeney, 19

Kimberly L. Nelson, 21

Cindy Anne Smith, 17

Debra Lorraine Estes, 15

Andrea M. Childers, 19

Marta Reeves, 36

Roberta Joseph Hayes, 21

Patricia Michelle Barczak, 19

Patricia Yellowrobe, 38

Pammy Annette Avent, 15

Tammie Liles, 16

April Dawn Buttram, 16

Marie M. Malvar, 18

Rebecca "Becky" Marrero, 20

Thank you to our special guest, Nic Edwards from True Crime Garage! You can listen to them anywhere you get your podcasts.

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