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Episode 75: At The Fair

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

In the Pacific Northwest, we have many mysterious disappearances, in particular, missing children. Two notorious missing children have eerie similarities between their cases, though they are completely unrelated. Both kids were 14 year old, both spoke to their mother on the phone right before going missing, and both disappeared from their local fair. Today, I’d like to tell you about the disappearances of Jeremy Bright who went missing in 1986 and Misty Copsey who went missing in 1992.

Jeremy Bright

Diane, Jeremy, S'te, photo courtesy of KVAL

Left: Teen Jeremy Bright, photo courtesy of missingandmurderedboys

Right: Age progression Jeremy Bright, photo courtesy of Missing & Exploited Children

Jeremy's missing poster, photo courtesy of Twitter

Jeremy made a call to his mother at 4:45pm from the pay phone in front of McKay's Market

Misty Copsey

Misty Copsey, photo courtesy of Facebook

Misty and Trina, photo courtesy of Twitter

Misty Missing Poster

Misty's mother Diana hold's a missing poster

Top Left to rigth: Rheuban Schmidt, Michael Rhyner, Robert Hickey

Bottom Left to right: Gary Ridgway, Corey Bober, Corey Bober

Teens found along 401; Kim DeLange (left), Anna Chebetnoy (right)

Map of location of 401 teens and Misty's belongings

Misty's jeans found along 401

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