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Ep. 89 &90 Grizzly Summer Part One & Two

Updated: May 31, 2022

Part 1

On a silent August night in 1967, Screams ripped through the darkness in Glacier National Park, Montana. A visitor to the park camping under the stars was attacked in their sleep and dragged away from camp. When an injured survivor of the same attack stumbles upon another camper hundreds of yards away, it triggers a frantic middle-of-the-night search-and-hopefully-rescue mission, crewed by both brave park rangers and overnight visitors, who hours later, would hear word that miles away, there had been another attack that night and another camper dragged into the woods.

Part 2

In Part One of Grizzly Summer, Josh detailed the mauling of two visitors to Glacier National Park and the desperate late-night search for survivors that ensued in its wake. In Part Two, the attack appears to repeat itself hours later, though it occurs miles from the first and seems that a different bear, fearless in the face of humans, had dragged another camper into the moonlit woods, this time as their friends sought safety in trees, forced to hear the crunching of bones as they perched waiting for the moment to flee.

Granite Park Chalet 1980s, The Washington Post

Glacier Park Map, The Washington Post

Patrol Ranger Bert Gildart, photo courtesy of The Washington Post

Photos courtesy of Great Falls Tribune

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