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Episode 91: Eye For An Eye

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The 1980s which were smack dab in what criminal justice experts call the “Epidemic Years” or “The Golden Age of Serial Murder”, was nothing if not a hodgepodge of frenzied criminal activity: from bogus claims leading to the Satanic Panic to falsely accused Daycare child sex abuse, the rumors of heinous crimes were rampant. In a time when people were fixated on stranger danger, hunting monsters, and saving the children, some of those monsters slipped through the cracks. The bad guys of the 1980s weren’t exactly as the rumors described, but they did do reprehensible acts. Today’s case took place in the final year of that decade; A man known as The Vancouver Child Killer, who could have been the most prolific and horrific child sex abuser of our time, was apprehended thanks to a combination of impatience, coincidence, and the bravery of two people.

Billy and Coles Bikes found, photo courtesy of YouTube

Photo from Goodreads

Lee Iseli, photos from

These two girls were the one of the earliest abduction attempts Dodd made
Jill and Malia Strand, Tri-City Herald

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