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Episode 11: Homeboy Wrote Camaro

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The 1990s played host to serial killers across the US but the Pacific Northwest seemed to be a hotbed. In Spokane, Washington sex workers started turning up dead across the city. For more than a decade police searched searched for the killer, only to realize everything wasn’t as it seemed. How many serial killers can one city host?  Join Emily and Alisha as they discuss the Spokane Killers.

Robert Lee Yates with Family, Photo credit:

Robert Lee Yates as "decorated war hero", Photo credits:

Robert Lee Yates with a tearful court appearance, photo credit:

An example of the .25 caliber Raven hand gun, photo credit:

The known 16 victims of Robert Lee Yates

Robert Lee Yates Victims

Patrick Oliver discovered July 13, 1975

Susan Savage discovered July 13, 1975

Stacy E. Hawn discovered December 28, 1988

Shannon Zielinski discovered June 14, 1996

Patricia Barnes discovered August 25, 1996

Heather Hernandez discovered August 26, 1997

Jennifer Joseph discovered August 26, 1997

Darla Scott discovered November 5, 1997

Melinda Mercer discovered December 7, 1997

Shawn Johnson discovered December 18, 1997

Shawn A. McClenahan discovered December 26, 1997

Laurie Wason discovered December 26, 1997

Sunny Oster discovered February 8, 1998

Linda Daveys discovered April 1, 1998

Linda M. Maybin discovered April 1, 1998

Melody Murfin discovveredMay 12, 1998

Michelyn Derning discovered July 7, 1998

Connie LaFontaine discovered Ellis October 13, 1998

Douglas Perry after one of his early arrests, photo credit:

Donna Perry in court, photo credit:

The known victims of Douglas Perry, photo credit: cbs nes

Douglas (Donna) Perry Victims (left to right)

Nikkie Lowe

Yolanda Sapp

Kathleen Brisbois

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The Spokane Killer 

Jack Smith

Maplewood Publishing

Body Count

Burl Barer 

Pinnacle Books

Murder in Spokane

Mark Fuhrman

Cliff Street Books



The Spokane Murders

Margot Hornblower

Police Looking for Worldwide Trail of Death

Robert Lee Yates is the Most Deranged Killer You’ve Never Heard of

SPOKANE: Prosecutor: Yates will plead guilty to 13 murders

SPOKANE KILLINGS: Officers around state continue looking at Yates

Donna Perry’s attorney rips state’s evidence as triple murder trial begins

A Gender Variance Who's Who

Cellmate of transgender murder suspect says Donna Perry claimed to have killed dozens



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