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Episode 14: Lovers' Lane

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The discovery of Larry Peyton’s body at a local lovers’ lane in 1960 shocked the residents of Portland. Equally confusing was the unknown whereabouts of Larry’s girlfriend, Beverly Allan. There appeared to be no motive behind the attack, leaving young lovers in the city worried they would be next.

Eight years and three trials later, we’re left with questions. Were the right people put away for the crime? Was this a missed opportunity to have stopped the Zodiac Killer?

Inside view of Larry's car, photo courtesy of The Oregonian

photo courtesy of The Oregonian

Beverly's Broken Nail

Beverly's Allan's partially nude body and scalped head.

Nikki Sallak

Left to Right: Robert Brom, Carl Jorgenson, and Edward Jorgenson

A young Ed Edwards, photo courtesy of

Ed Edwards and Family, photo courtesy of