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Episode 15: The Cursed Bathub

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

It’s halloween season and Murder in the Rain could not be more ready! In celebration  of this spooky time, we bring you two episodes to enjoy. In the first episode, we’d like to tell you a story about a lady doctor who strived for medical greatness. As she forged a unique path to achieve what no woman had done before her, she left a wake of death behind her. Join Emily and Alisha as they discuss the spooky happenings at a place locals called Starvation Heights.

"Doctor" Linda Burfield Hazzard, photo credit:

Linda Hazzard after arrest, photo credit:

Sam Hazzard sans vanilla, photo credit:

Wilderness Heights, photo credit:

Far Left: Dora Williamson Middle: Claire Williamson, both pre-starvation, photo credit:

Dora Williamson briefly after rescue, photo credit:

The multipurpose tub of starvation heights, still standing well into the 1990s

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Starvation Heights

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