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Episode 17: Out for a Walk

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Today’s case details a rampage of crime including theft, assault, kidnapping and murder. Listen while Emily tells Alisha all about Kaylee Sawyer and  Aundreah Maes, the nightmare they endured, and the twisted tale of Edwin Lara, a man who levered a position of authority to inflict pain and suffering.

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Parking lot at COCC where Kaylee was raped and murdered. Photo courtesy of KGW8.

Edwin Lara

Photo courtesy of CBS News

Edwin Lara mid rant at his sentencing. Photo courtesy of KOIN 6

Police vehicle or Security vehicle?

Police Officer or Security Officer?

Front of COCC Security vehicle

Back of COCC Security vehicle, complete with Kaylee flyer

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For even more on the story of Kaylee Sawyer, check out the new serial style podcast Urge to Kill. Brought to you by KGW8 and Vault Studios.

Just after celebrating a bachelorette party in July 2016, Kaylee Sawyer disappeared in the middle of the night. The horrific details of her brutal rape and eventual death shook the residents of a quiet town in the Pacific Northwest. Her killer would go on to terrorize several other families in a multi-state crime spree, simply because he said he had the “urge to kill.” We’ll follow investigators as they uncover the wild twists and turns of this case, and speak to each of his victims who were lucky to get out alive.

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Friends fondly remember Kaylee Sawyer

Clare Duffy

Family sues COCC in Kaylee Sawyer Murder

Aubrey Wieber

Kaylee’s Law passes through Oregon House 

Newsroom Staff

Indictment: Lara killed to conceal other crimes

Abby Spegman

Federal Judge Issues 2nd Life Sentence for Edwin Lara

Maxine Bernstein


Emotions high as Lara pleads guilty to Sawyer murder

Pedro Quintana and Barney Lerten

DA releases Lara murder case evidence 

Pedro Quintana

Into the Night


Veronica Roche

Kelly Bleyer, Heather Roberts

Gary A Warner


Koin 6

Aundreah Maes public Facebook post

Police or Security?

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