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Episode 20: Kissing Wounds & He Pushed it Twice

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

This magical season, we have something more special than stocking stuffers for you. Because you were so good this year, MITR is leaving a double episode under your tree! First, a tale of greed, manipulation, and the murder of an entire family in Carnation, Washington. Then the almost bombing of downtown Portland, OR at the Christmas tree lighting of 2010.

Kissing Wounds: The Story of the Carnation Massacre

The Anderson Family (Left to Right): Wayne, Judy, Scott, Ericka, Olivia, and Nathan, photo credits:
The Anderson Property, photo credit:
Wayne and Judy's bodies were located in a small shed behind the home, photo credit:
The initial shot intended for Wayne
A Happier Christmas. Left to Right: Scott Anderson, Joseph McEnroe, Michelle Anderson, Judy and Olivia Anderson, photo credit
Michelle Anderson and Joseph McEnroe, photo credit
Joseph McEnroe clutches himself during sentencing, photo credit

He Pushed it Twice: The Story of the almost bombing of the Portland Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas Tree Lighting
Mohamed Osman Mohamud
Mohamed Osman Mohamud and Friend

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Banquet of Consequences: A Juror's Plight: The Carnation Murders Trial of Michele Anderson, Volume 1 by Paul Sanders|Seattle Times - Michelle Anderson Sentenced to Life | Seattle EPI - At Long Last Carnation Woman | Seattle EPI - Carnation Suspects Tell Offers of Victims | Seattle Times - I'm a Monster | Fox - Woman Convicted of Killing her Entire Family | Michelle Anderson Killed Her Whole Family | Fox - Woman who discovered carnation | KORO7 - 911 Caller | KOMO News - Killer's Former Coworker Testifies | Seattle Times - Carnation Slayings | Seattle Times - Timeline of Carnation Killings | Court Chatter - Michele Anderson | Carnation Murders Sentencing 04/21/16 | YouTube - Joseph McEnroe Sentencing | YouTube - Joseph | McEnroe Penalty Phase Day 5 Part 1 04/09/15 | YouTube - Convicted killer laughs during court appearance | YouTube - Crime Watch Daily: 6 Family Members Murdered on Christmas Eve - Pt. 1  | YouTube - Crime | Watch Daily: 6 Family Members Murdered on Christmas Eve - Pt. 2 | You Tube - Michelle Andersson Trial 911 Call You Tube - Jail House Call | Oregon Terror Sentencing | Tapes Reveal Different Side of Portland Bombing Suspect | Trial Begins for Mohamed Osman Mohamed | Did the FBI Transform this Teenager into a Terrorist | Mohamed Mohamud's Lawers Petition

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