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Episode 21: Murder for Money

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Portland in the 1980s brought amazing music to the masses. A major part of the PDX  music scene were the popular nightclubs all over the city. One of the most popular clubs, The Starry Night, kept dark secrets behind it’s doors, secrets that would take decades to fully unravel. Join Emily and Alisha while they discuss what happened to Tim Moreau, and the part  Larry Hurwitz played in it.

A pile of Jim's work (Photo Credit Jamie Valdez)
Old Starry Night sign (Photo Credit Facebook)
Roseland Theater Map (Photo Credit Event Tickets)
A young Larry Hurtwitz (Photo Credit Oregon Live)
Larry Hurwitz at Arrest (Photo Credit Oregon Live)
Larry Hurwitz (Photo Credit Facebook)

Tim Moreau (photo credit:

Featured on this weeks episode, Investigative Reporter and friend of the show, Jim Redden