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Episode 22: M.I.A

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Mia Zapata and her band, The Gits, were on the cusp of making it big in the music industry when in a blink of an eye, the dreams, the music, and Mia were gone. Alisha tells Emily the story of Mia Zapata; her life, her music and her horrendous murder. Later, they are joined by Zoe and Stefanie of Home Alive to discuss the non-profit they created out of necessity and what you can do to protect yourself. And, of course, some palate cleansing bloopers. 

Mia Zapata, photo credit:

The Gits, photo credit Jackie Ransier
Mia Zapata, photo credit Portland Mercury

Second Skin Cover Artwork

Murderer Jesus Mezquia

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