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Episode 23: Point Defiance

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Two young girls disappeared a few months apart in Tacoma, Washington in 1986. Both girls were found deceased in local parks with signs of sexual trauma. For more than 30 years, no one was arrested. Listen in while Emily and Alisha discuss the magical world of DNA today and how it helped solve these crimes and unleash a massive twist in the cold case that rocked this small city.

Left: Michella Welch, Right: Jennifer Bastian, photo credit:

Puget Park, photo credit:

Jennifer Bastian's bike, photo credit:
Laura Burbank, went missing in 1970, photo credit:
David Harry Fisher, photo credit:
David Harry Fisher after capture,
Guy Rasmussen, photo credit:
Michella Welch's Killer, Parabon-NanoLabs
Jennifer Bastian's killer, Parabon-NanoLabs

Captured! Michella Welch's killer: Gary Hartman