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Episode 25: Junkyard Shoes

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

What started as affection for women’s shoes grew into a much darker fetish. While some boys dreamed of owning their own car and going to college, Jerry dreamed of torturing women. By 1968, his dreams would become reality when women began disappearing all over Oregon. Listen in  while Emily tells Alisha all about the life and crimes of Jerome Brudos, later known as ‘The Lust Killer’ and ‘The Shoe Fetish Slayer’.

Jerome "Not very good looking" Brudos
Jerome Brudos after his conviction, photo courtesy of
Ralphine Brudos during her trial, photo courtesy of
Linda Dawn Salee, photo courtesy
Linda Slawson, photo courtesy
Jan Susan Whitney, photo courtesy
Karen Elena Sprinker, photo courtesy
Rope Knots from Jerry's Workshop
Jerry dressed in women's clothing
Karen Sprinker wearing shoes for Jerry while he takes pictures before her death.
Jerry's face which was captured in the mirror placed under his suspended victim while he photographed her.

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Anne Rule - Lust Killer | Jack Rosewood - The Shoe Fetish Slayer | Radford University - Jerome Brudos | Thought Co. - Profile of serial killer Jerry Brudos | All That's Interesting - The True Story Behind Jerry Brudos, Minhunter’s Shoe Fetish Killer | Murderpedia - Jerry Brudos | How the Term Serial Killer Came to Be | Wikipedia - Long Tom Bridge | Oregon’s longest-held prisoner dies of natural causes

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