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Episode 27 & 28: Skinner Parts 1 & 2

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

In less than a year, one man stole the lives of 11 children. He dubbed himself the “Beast of BC” and the moniker stuck because he is one of the most disturbing violent offenders who has spawned from Canada. In part 1 of Skinner,  Emily tells Alisha all about the life and crimes of this Clifford Olson as well as the children he murdered.


photos courtesy of

Christine Weller, age 12
Colleen Marian Bridgette Daignault, age 13
Daryn Todd Johnsrude, age 16
Sandra Lynn Wolfsteiner, age 16
Ada Court, age 13
Simon Partington, age 9

Judy Kozma, age 14
Raymond Larence King Jr., age 15

Sigrun Arnd, age 18
Terri Lynn Carson, age 15
Simonne Marie Evelyn Chartrahnd, age 17

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Episode 28 Guests:

Author Mitzi Szereto

TW @mitziszereto

Podcaster Mike Browne

Dark Poutine Podcast

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IG @darkpoutine @mikebrowne

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Thanks to

Spokane Chronicle - Child Death Counts Filed 01.01.1981 | The Spokesman Review - Victim’s Family Fight Book 03.26.1982 | Spokane Chronicle - Killer’s family won’t be allowed to keep money 12.08.1984 | Spokane Chronicle - Killer paid to tell where bodies lay 01.15.1982 | Longview Daily News - Mass killer says police mishandled investigation 01.18.1982 | Spokane Chronicle - Slain Children’s parents seek $100,000 paid to killer’s wife 06.24.1986 | Calgary Herald 01.16.82 - Police Rationalize Paying for Bodies

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