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Episode 36: Wallowing

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Today’s episode will introduce you to a sadistic monster who masqueraded as a good samaritan and a loving mother. She hid over 10 years of torture and abuse behind the closed doors of a cute little house nestled in a tiny rural town. Plug your headphones in and come meet the mother you never wish you had. Listen Now!

Special guest psychologist Dr. Joni Jonston will join Emily to chat all about Michelle Knotek and why it’s probably not the best idea to let her out of prison.

Tori Knotek, Shane Watson, Nikki Knotek, Sami Knotek (photo credit: New York Post)
David and Michelle Knotek (photo credit: New York Post)
Michelle Knotek and Kathy Loreno (photo credit: Oxygen)
Best friends Michelle Knotek and Kathy Loreno (photo credit: Murderpedia)
Michelle Knotek and Ron Woodworth (photo credit: all
Kathy Loreno and Ron Woodworth

Shane Watson (photo credit: Oxygen)
Sami Knotek and Shane Watson (photo credit: Oxygen)
A teenage Shane Watson hugs his Uncle Dave, who would ultimately murder him
The Knotek Home (photo credit: New York Post)

Thanks again to Dr. Joni Jonston!

Don’t forget to check out Dr. Joni’s YouTube series Unmasking a Murderer and her blog on Psychology Today, The Human Equation