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Episode 4: Keep Going and Don't Look Back

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

June 10th, 2014 was supposed to be a day of celebration for the students of Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. Instead of taking finals, pulling senior pranks and saying goodbye for the summer, the 3,000 students and staff were horrified by the news of an active shooter on campus.

In this episode, Emily and Alisha discuss the shooter’s life building up to the incident, the victims of the attack and the shocking statistics that our students face in their daily lives. At the time of his death, Emilio Hoffman was dating Alyssa Karm, who, along with her boyfriend and fellow survivor Caden Gordy were gracious enough to sit-down with Alisha and discuss their relationship and what transpired that day.

Emilio Hoffman, deceased victim

Emilio Hoffman and Alyssa Karm

Todd Rispler, surviving victim

Shooter's guitar case and duffle bag

Jared Michael Padgett, shooter

Murder in the Rain team saluting Emilio

Increase of population and school shootings in the United States

Increased use of Semi Automatic weapons


Troutdale Police Documents

Multnomah County

Oregon school shooting: Slain Reynolds student Emilio Hoffman surprised gunman, shot twice in chest

Maxine Bernstein

Reports of Shooting at Reynolds High School

Maxine Bernstein

Oregon School Shooting: Reynolds High Gunmen Jared Padgett Wrote About Killing Classmates in Journal

Maxine Bernstein

The K-12 School Shooting Statistics Everyone Should Know

Police: Oregon school shooter Jared Michael Padgett was armed with AR-15 rifle

Nick Ramsey

The New Evil: Understanding the Emergence Of Modern Violent Crime

Michael Stone, MD  and Gary Brucato, PhD - Prometheus Books - 2019

Images Pg 309 - 311

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