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Episode 44: Death Echo

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

This Halloween brings you all treats, it’s no trick! In our second new episode of the week, Emily tells the tale of an infamous murder at her alma mater, Oregon State University. Could notorious and “handsome” serial killer Ted Bundy make an appearance? We’ll also get kinda spooky with several stories of local hauntings.

Roberta Kathleen Parks. Images courtesy of Carol DaRonch (Twitter) and Seattle Times

Remains found in Issaquah, WA photos courtesy of The Crime Mag
Ted Bundy, photo courtesy of Seattle Times
Oregon States Sackett Hall dormitory

Oregon State's Waldo Hall previously a women's dormitory, now the Anthropology building

Ida Kidder with her "Wicker Mobile" and students. Photos courtesy of Oregon State University.

Emily's haunted college house on 17th street, photo courtesy of Google Earth

This week’s promo is from Women and Crime.

Join doctors Amy and Meghan, two criminologists who tell the stories of women who have been victims of crime, those who have committed crimes, and those involved in the criminal justice system.

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