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Episode 45: Fallen Leaves

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

In Seattle, thousands of houseless persons have died from the elements or violence through the years. Today, Alisha will be telling the stories of two of those folx; Daniel Alberto and Davina Garrison. One case closed while the other, 15 years later, remains unsolved. Preyed upon for their perceived weakness and disregarded as a nuisance, Anitra Freeman joins the show to discuss the perilous reality faced by today’s houseless population and the work she does with to provide shelter and resources for our neighbors who need it most. 

A bronze leaf to honor Davina's memory, photo credit Q13 Fox
Davina Garrison, photo credit to Q13 Fox
In memory of Daniel Alberto, photo credit KUOW PHOTO/KATE WALTER

A special thanks to Anitra Freeman for joining us to talk about ShareWheel and the work that she does!

Anitra is a member of our Homeless Speakers Bureau, a group of homeless and formerly homeless people who speak in the community about their personal experiences with homelessness.

To support ShareWheel's efforts to support the houseless, please consider donating today.



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