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Episode 47: The Wrong Track

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Kurt Cobain. A household name synonymous with grunge, the 90’s and unfortunately, suicide. Although it’s yet to be proven otherwise, for 26 years rumors have persisted that someone besides Kurt took his life. In this week’s episode, Murder In The Rain will examine Kurt’s childhood, his history of mental health and addiction struggles and the so-called evidence presented by a private detective with his own agenda, preventing Kurt from resting in peace. So did Kurt hate his life and want to die or did something more nefarious take place?

Suicide Note, photo from CBS News
Crime scene, photo from CBS News
Crime scene photo, photo from
Crime scene, photo from CBS News
Young Kurt Cobain, Still from Krist Novaselic's Home Video
Tom Grant, photo from still of Soaked in Bleach

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