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Episode 47: The Wrong Track

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Kurt Cobain. A household name synonymous with grunge, the 90’s and unfortunately, suicide. Although it’s yet to be proven otherwise, for 26 years rumors have persisted that someone besides Kurt took his life. In this week’s episode, Murder In The Rain will examine Kurt’s childhood, his history of mental health and addiction struggles and the so-called evidence presented by a private detective with his own agenda, preventing Kurt from resting in peace. So did Kurt hate his life and want to die or did something more nefarious take place?

Suicide Note, photo from CBS News
Crime scene, photo from CBS News
Crime scene photo, photo from
Crime scene, photo from CBS News
Young Kurt Cobain, Still from Krist Novaselic's Home Video
Tom Grant, photo from still of Soaked in Bleach

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9 hours ago

It depicts the struggles of making poor choices and the difficult journey back to the right path. As someone who has gone through Alcohol Medical Detox, I deeply relate to the theme of finding oneself on the wrong track. My own detox was a pivotal moment where I realized the need to change direction. The episode's portrayal of struggle and redemption mirrors the emotional rollercoaster I experienced during my recovery. It’s a powerful reminder that no matter how far off track we go, there’s always hope and a way back to a better path.


Dena McClellan
Dena McClellan
Jun 10, 2021

Suicide? Please explain how there are no fingerprints on the syringe or gun. Also his toxicology had Diazepam in his blood. This is given to help with addiction to heroin. It completely leaves the blood stream in 30-50 hrs. Before his death there was buzz about how he is going to leave the band. The supposed " suicide note", reads more like a press release announcing his withdrawal from the music business. FYI I'm not a Nirvana fan. Sorry never listened to this music, until Kurt Cobain's death. I contacted a friend of the family, who is a coroner. He said that the amount of heroin for his weight is at least 3 times the amount that h…

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