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Episode 50: Uncle Joe

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The man now known as “The Longview Serial Killer” was once a child victim to a time in our history where native children were plucked out of their homes to be adopted out to white middle class families. The little boy who was affectionately called “Joey” by his adoptive mother, grew up to be a terrifying nightmare to many children in the Pacific Northwest. Today’s case is about Joseph Kondro. He found the vulnerable, the less fortunate, and the impressionable and lulled them into safety with his affection and attention. “Uncle Joe” as they called him would steal their childhood and leave them scarred, but for some littles girls, he also stole their lives.

Rima Traxler (left), Kara Rudd (middle), Chila Silvernails (right)

Kara Rudd

Photo of Kara Rudd
Kara Rudd (photo from On the Case with Paula Zahn)
Kara Rudd with her cousin Yolanda
Yolanda (left) Kara (right) (photo from On the Case with Paula Zahn)
Red Volkswagen found on Mount Solo where Kara Rudd's body was found
The car on Mount Solo where Kara's body was discovered (photo from On the Case with Paula Zahn)

Rima Traxler

The Traxler Family; Stepfather Rusty, Mother Danelle, Rima and younger brother
The Traxler Family; Stepfather Rusty, Mother Danelle, Rima and younger brother (photo from On the Case with Paula Zahn)
Rima Traxler school picture
Rima Traxler school picture (photo from Find A Grave)
Chila M Silvernails (photos from Find A Grave)
Sketch of Chila Silvernails abductor

Joseph Kondro

Joseph Kondro (photo from On the Case with Paula Zahn)
Joseph "Joey" with adoptive mother Eleanor Kondro (photo from Kondro: The Uncle Joe Killer)

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