Episode 51: Any Hate

Updated: Feb 16

In the last few weeks we’ve seen just how much can happen when a group of white supremacists get together. In 2011, the terror came not from a large group, but a young couple with shared beliefs in hatred. Once they found each other through white supremacist groups, Joey Pederson and Holly Grisby went on a 10 day spree of terror through Washington, Oregon, and California that would leave 4 dead and the west coast shaken.

David Joseph Pedersen and Holly Grigsby (photo from abcnews)
David “Joey” Pederson (photo from pdx monthly)
David Jones “Red” Pedersen and Leslie "DeeDee" Pedersen (photo from
Corey Wyatt (

Cody Myers (gazette times)

Cody Myers was a young, passionate musician, he had been at the Newport Jazz Festival and was making his way home.

Holly was able to talk him into giving her a ride. As she got in the front seat, Joey got into the rear passenger seat and pulled out his pistol.

19 year old Cody Myers was shot and killed on October 1st, 2011