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Episode 54: 2,640 Days

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

In 1977 a young woman was kidnapped by a seemingly safe looking couple while hitchhiking from Oregon to California. For over 7 years she would be held against her will, suffering daily whippings, rapes and other unimaginable tortures. When she was finally able to make her escape, the public was horrified and baffled. Horrified after hearing the details of her life of captivity in a box and baffled that this young woman wouldn’t take advantage of her small bouts of freedom to run for her life. When she finally escaped, she had a whole new battle to survive; convincing a jury to recognize Stockholm Syndrome.

In Murder and the Rain’s episode ‘2,640 Days’ you’ll learn about Colleen Stan, the woman who was kidnapped by Cameron and Janice Hooker and held captive in the most unspeakable conditions. She started as ‘The Girl in the Box’ but soon became ‘The Girl that Survived’. You’ll also learn about another girl, the first victim, one who didn’t survive; Marie Elizabeth Spannhake

Left to Right: Colleen with Mom, Colleen with friends/roommates, Colleen with Sister, teenaged Colleen, adult Colleen, Colleen Stan today (photos courtesy of Colleen Stan: Girl in the Box, Inside Edition)

Cameron Hooker and Janice Hooker (Photos Courtesy of Daily Mail, Firm daily)

Torture Devices Left to Right, Top Row to Bottom Row: Replica of first basement box, The Stretcher, The entrance of the head box, The full head box, Box under the bed, Restraints found in Hooker residence.(Photos courtesy of The Sun, Colleen Stan: Girl in the Box Documentary, Victimology)

Various photos of Colleen that Cameron Hooker took while abusing her. (photos courtesy of The Sun and Colleen Stan: Girl in the Box Documentary)


Janice Hooker, Colleen Stan, Hooker children (Photo courtesy of Colleen Stan: Girl in the Box)

Colleen hugs Cameron while visiting her family (photo courtesy of Film Daily)

Cameron Hooker at trial (Photo courtesy of All That's Interesting)

Missing and presumed murdered: Marie Elizabeth "Marliz" Spannhake (Photos curtesy of Unidentified Wikia and Charley Project)

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