Episode 55: A Waking Nightmare

Updated: Apr 13

In 2020, Asian American and Pacific Islanders in the United states were faced with a barrage of hate crimes. From getting punched while walking to the store to spat at by strangers passing, fear is rippling through the AAPI community, rightfully so. While his death was not targeted because of his heritage, the loss of Matthew Choi was a huge loss in Portland. Everyone from his Korean family and friends to the local foodies that loved his kimchi were hurt and scared by the senseless taking of his life.

In today’s episode, Murder in the Rain will be discussing the numbers surrounding AAPI hate crimes, share some local examples, and talk about the shocking murder of entrepreneur, Matthew Choi.

Matthew Choi, photo from Willamette Week
Matthew Choi and mother, photo from Oregon Live
Allenn Alonzo Coe, photo from MultCo Sheriff's Office