Episode 56: What happens in the house...

Angela McAnulty was no stranger to trauma after growing up in a household of abuse and tragically losing her mother to murder in 1973. After being arrested for drugs and having her children taken away, she went to jail and then got clean in the hopes of restarting her life. However when the opportunity came, rather than a reunion filled with laughter, love, and the start of a wonderful new beginning, she became a monster.

In today’s case, you’ll learn the horrific story of what happened to 15 year old Jeanette Maples at the hands of the people who should have protected her. Angela McAnulty’s trial was notorious in Oregon as it was one of the few death penalty cases against a woman and brings the idea of “justice” to a new light.

Nancy Feusi, photo from Sacramento Bee
Richard and Angela McAnulty, photo from facebook
McAnulty Eugene Home, photo from

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