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Episode 60: He Was Counterfeit

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Waldport, Oregon is a small quiet town along the Pacific Coast. With a little over 2,000 permanent residents, your chances of being a victim of a violent crime are pretty low. While we were all reeling from the immediate aftereffects of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, no one was prepared for the shocking case that would rock this small coastal town in December of 2001. In today’s case, we explore the details around the first case of family annihilation in Oregon state; an entire family died all at the hands of the father who should have protected them. This is the case of the narcissistic Christian Longo; a man who was charming, cunning, and counterfeit.

The Longo family: Mary Jane, Christian, Madison, Sadie, and Zachery (Photo courtesy of CBS/48 Hours)
Sadie, Madison, and Zachery Longo (photo courtesy of Esquire)
Christian Longo (photo courtesy of OregonLive)
Mary Jane Longo (photo courtesy of OregonLive)
Rough estimations of where Zachary (North) and Sadie's (South) bodies were located

The body of 4 year old Zachery Longo, clad in only underwear, was discovered floating in Lint Slough just off of the shores near the Bayview Mobile Home Part on December 19th, 2001.

Three days later, the body of his younger sister, 3 year old Sadie Longo, was discovered in the same Slough south of Zachery, near the Highway 34 Lint Slough bridge. She was dressed only in underwear.

Both children died of asphyxiation. The medical examiner could not narrow down the method. Many believe this is a result of smothering, however the defense argued that they drowned.

Rough estimates of where Mary Jane and Sadie were found in suitcases in the water

Police discovered that the Longo's previous residence was in a condo on the shore of Yaquina Bay. After discovering clothing, baby photos, and Mary Jane's purse in the garbage outside of the condo, please began to search the waters of the bay.

On December 27th, two greens suitcases were located under a doc at the Embarcedero Marina. Inside the larger suitcase, Mary Jane Longo was naked and crumpled in the fetal position. The smaller suitcase contained several pieces of clothing, a 5lb scuba diving weight, and the body of 2 year old Madison Longo dressed in a diaper. Both had signs of trauma to the had and strangulation.

Christian Longo and Michael Finkel (Photo courtesy of Esquire)
Journalist Michael Finkel (photo courtesy of
Christian Longo Offender Search (

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