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Episode 61: Abnormal, Wrong, Unnatural, and Perverse

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

When a lesbian couple went missing for three days in Medford, Oregon, concerns for their safety were immediate. Roxanne and Michelle were partners and vocal supporters of gay rights. When their bodies were discovered, it led investigators down a path of destruction left behind by a homophobic man obsessed with an exotic dancer who had already committed another hate-fueled murder mere weeks before he was caught by police. Today’s story is about the murders of Roxanne Ellis, Michelle Abdil, and Scott George- those that lost their lives due to hate, fear, and judgment.

Roxanne Ellis, left, and Michelle Abdill, right. Photo courtesy of KTVL

Photos top to bottom: Sketchby that Medford police artist Chuck Steinberg created which lead to Robert Acremant, Robert Acremant in 1995,Robert Acremant with Las Vegas dancer Alla Kosova, and lastly Acremant's DOC photo. Photos courtesy of KATVL

Scott George, photo courtesy of KTVL

A special thanks to Nancy Duffy, Nancy Duffy, the executive producer of Forensic Files 2 on HLN for joining us today for this episode!

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This case was also featured onForensic Files, season 12, episode 25: "Printed Proof"

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