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Episode 63: Gravitational Attraction

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

When people hear “Murder” they usually think of a gun, knife, or strangulation. What if the murder weapon is a combination of choices, actions and a vehicle? Every day, an average of 102 lives are lost due to car crashes in the US, 27 of which are due to an impaired driver. That breaks down to about 1 death every 14 minutes. Car accidents are just that right, accidents? What if what caused the accident was avoidable? What if political connections led to an alleged murderer being released? Would those be considered accidents too? Today’s episode is the story of Stacy Morrow, Ryan Sorensen and Brandon Clements and how their murderer went from being a neglectful driver to the US Marshall’s most wanted list.

Brandon Clements, Ryan Sorenson, Stacey Morrow, Eric Hayes (survivor)
The Cadillac post crash
Fred's SUV after being engulfed in flames

Fred Russell in court
Dedication to lives lost
Scott Collins and Mark Whitehead
Dedication to Deputy Whitehead and Sergeant Collins

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Unsolved Mysteries S12 E5 Fred’s Fatal Drive | Do Something - 11 Facts about Driving Under the Influence | You Tube | Hank Clements | YouTube - Frank Russell Released |

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Oregon Live - Two officers killed in drunk driving accident | D News - FBI Joins the Search | CaseText - Haynes v Russell | Unsolved Mysteries Fandom - Frederick Russell | Seattle Times - Survivor Testifies in Russell Trial | Seattle Times - Man on Run for 2001 Fatal Crash Caught | KHQ - Fred Russell Released from Prison | Findagrave - Brandon Scott Clements

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