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Episode 65: Soon Cindy

More often than not, a case appears to be cut and dry. At the very least, a death is usually obvious as to if it was caused by an accident, by the victim or by foul play. But in today’s case, none of those answers are clear. Was Cindy James a tortured victim that was hunted and haunted for 7 years by a perpetrator who eventually caused her death, or were her own mental health issues causing her to attack herself? I’ll let you decide as I walk you through the evidence of the stalking and killing of Vancouver, BC’s Cindy James.

Cindy James, photos courtesy of The Trouble with Justice

Cindy James and husband Roy Makepeace, photo courtesy of The Right Shoe Podcast

Dr Roy Makepeace, photo courtesy of
PI Ozzie Kaban, photo courtesy of Kaban Protective
Cindy James body, photo from Unsolved Mysteries
Taunting letters, photos courtesy of
Cindy James, battered, photo courtesy of Unsolved Mysteries
Cindy James parents, photo courtesy of The Right Shoe Podcast

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