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Episode 68: What Happened to Gracie?

As the summer of 2021 came to an end and the fall began, we saw the internet come together to try and locate missing 22 year old Gabby Petito. From true crime podcasters to video gaming dad’s with a proclivity to finding hidden details in surveillance footage, we saw a massive nationwide fixation to help bring Gabby home. We also saw anger from the underserved families of missing people of color. What about MY child? What about MY sister? What about MY mom? There are thousands of missing people of color who are “lucky” to get a brief mention on the nightly news - it isn’t until families take it upon themselves, begging for attention from anyone with a platform, that they seem to be heard. Today we’re sharing the case of missing mother of four Graciela Garcia, a case I hadn’t heard about until her daughter reached out, one that hasn’t garnered much media attention at all, and one that seems like it should solved by now.

To stay up to date on Gracie’s case, please follow the family’s social media accounts. FaceBook - Find Graciela Garcia | Instagram - Find Graciela Garcia | Twitter - Find Graciela Garcia |

Graciela Garcia, photo courtesy of the Garcia family

The Garcia Family, photo curtesy of the Garcia family

Gabriela and Graciela, photo courtesy of the Garcia family

Jacob and Graciela, photo courtesy of the Garcia Family

Family and friends rally on anniversary of disappearance, photo courtesy of the Garcia family.

The family of Graciela Garcia is currently trying to raise money to obtain a lawyer and a private investigator to help locate her. Please consider donating to their GoFundMe if you can: Missing Gracie Garcia from Hermiston OR

You can also donate amounts under $10 directly to Murder in the Rain over the next two weeks. We will combine any donations with our own that will be given to Gracie’s GoFundMe on October 15th. We’re accepting PayPal ( and Venmo (@murderintherain)

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