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Episode 69: Being Creeped

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

It’s that time of year again, the best time, Halloween time! I think part of Halloween’s appeal is how it can be a mix of Disneyland with Las Vegas but with lots of candy. We decorate our homes with things that, any other time of the year might be deemed “macabre”. Excuses need not be made to act wild, silly or child-like. Costumes of clothing we would never dream of wearing around our friends and family become totally accepted. Rules become obsolete and the line of expected behaviors begins to blur. Today I’ll be telling two stories of lives lost on Halloween. A pair from Alaska and a teen in British Columbia. All three victims having held out hopes for an enjoyable Halloween night while falling victims to the horrors the holiday can bring.

Marie getting certification

Murdered daughter Joesphine (Pilak)

George when interview in ‘77

Police showing Zombie Picture

Matthew Foerster- convicted killer

Taylor Van Diest

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ADN - Murder suspect was released from jail just weeks before 2 were killed in Anchorage apartment | - Press Release - Anchorage Man Indicted for October Murder in Fairview | Washington Post - Caught Between Cultures in Alaska | Nixle - Update: Christopher Ligons indicted in homicide investigation | Juneau Empire - 'Not going back': Longtime alcoholic wows others with turnaround | Forever Missed - Josephine Ann Riley, (1983 - 2005) | Medium - He Stalked, Raped and Killed Her without Remorse — True Crime | Vernon Morningstar - TAYLOR VAN DIEST – Vernon Morning Star | CBC - Slain BC teen's zombie costume photos released | BC CTV News - Father and son charged in Taylor Van Diest murder | CBC - Okanagan teen dies after Halloween attack in bush | Reddit - Taylor Van Diest: LetsReadOfficial | Infotel - FOERSTER TRIAL: Taylor Van Diest caught her own killer | Infotel - Matthew Foerster guilty for earlier attacks against women | Kelowna Daily Courier - Okanagan killer likely to confess to attacking 2 women a decade ago | Terrace Stand - UPDATED: Court recommends life, 17 years no parole, for Foerster in Van Diest murder – Terrace Standard | CBC - B.C. jury convicts Matthew Foerster of Taylor Van Diest murder | CBC - Taylor Van Diest killing: Stephen Foerster sentenced to 3 years | CBC - Taylor Van Diest's accused killer's trial begins in B.C.

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