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Episode 7: Little Rain Boots

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Four year old Ruth Anne O'Neill goes missing in the Hawthorne neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Her neighbor, thirteen year old  Michele Gates, has information that can shed some light on what happened. What police find out from Michele would shock the Portland metro area and lead to a record breaking trial.

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Father of Portland Child Killer, Michele Gates, accused of shooting her husband

Joe McHale

Dad of notorious child-killer Michele Gates pleads not guilty to killing her husband

Chad Sokol

The strange case of child-killer Michele Gates and how it changed Oregon forever

By The Oregonian/OregonLive

Ore. Woman Indicted In Arson, Murder Plot

Times Staff: Times News Services

Portland area residents unaware of their homes' creepy histories


Matter of Gates

Psychology Today

Gates Case Raises Questions about Juvenile System

Fred Leeson

The Oregonian

Death by Drowning

John Painter and Susan Hobart

The Oregonian

Mary Bell

Mary Flora Bell

Evil Born

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