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Episode 70: The Cunning of a Man

In February of 1990, a Beaverton teen was lured from her house by a school friend, a former boyfriend. He rapedh er, her murdered her, and hid her body in hopes that he could get away with it. What ensued after the murder of 16 year old Erin Reynolds was a complex court case that brougt both families in and out of court for decades while Oregon changed the sentencing of Conrad Engweiler multiple times and eventually set him free.

Erin Tonna Reynolds
Conrad Engweiler as a teen

Conrad Engweiler at trail, photo from Dailymail

Conrad Engweiler at Exit Interview, photos from Benjamin Brink

Exit Interview with Oregon State Parole Board, photos by Benjamin Brink

1. Earl Reynolds, Erin's father and Beth Greear, Erin's sister 2. Earl Reynolds speaks while holding picture of toddler age Erin 3. Pamela Reynolds, Erin's stepmother holding a picture of teenage Erin 4. Pamela Reynolds, Erin's stepmother holding a picture of young Erin 5. Beth Greear, Erin's older sister 6. Brent Richford, Erin's brother 7. Richard Reynolds, Erin's brother

The Oregon Parole Board, photos by Benjamin Bring

Left to Right: Kristen Winges-Yanez, Michael Wu, Sid Thompson

Erin's grave, photo from

One of the last poems Erin ever wrote, photo from Pamplin Media

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Conrad Engweiler's full exit interview recording is available on the Murder in the Rain Patreon and Redcircle for members at all levels. You can sign up by going to the Murder in the Rain Patreon page or the Murder in the Rain Redcircle Exclusive Content page.

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he works with the Youth Justice Project as a paralegal now. Scary

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