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Episode 73: Overcorrecting Their Failure

Portland and serial killers. They go together like Portland and rain or Portland and shootings. I promise, it’s still the best place. We just need some work. Some of the more famous serial killers that are connected to our beloved city are Ted Bundy, Keith Jesperson and Gary Ridgeway. But among so many, there is one killer whose shocking attack and dismemberment of a woman shook the city and changed the rules for the FBI. Luckily he was caught and put away before he could hurt anyone else. But then, he was paroled, and exactly what you would think would happen, happened. Leaving body parts and devastation in his path, Richard Marquette is still behind bars but it was quite a journey to get him there.

Adding an 11th fugitive to the top 10, photo courtesy of The Oregonian

Slide show photos of Richard Marquette, photos courtesy of Wikipedia and The Oregonian

Avenue Trailer Court, where Marquette lived and worked, photo courtesy of The Oregonian

Willamette River slough where Joan's body was discovered

Joan Caudle, photo courtesy of The Oregonian

Episode Correction: Joan Caudle's body was discovered in the Willamette River slough which may have been named Browns Island Slough at one point in time.


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