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Episode 76: The Last Seduction

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

When a body is discovered on a remote road in Hope, Alaska, names on the documents found in the dead man’s pockets lead investigators to the deceased’s girlfriend. Or was she his fiance? Or was she just a cover for his sexuality? The trail of circumstantial evidence took officers down a wild path of exotic dancers, multiple finances, and living arrangements that seemed odd to even the most open-minded. Today, on Murder in the Rain, listen to the story of the murder of Kent Leppink and his relationship with Mechele Hughes.

Kent Leppink, Michele (Hughes) Linehan, John Carlin III photo courtesy of People

Kent and Mechele, photo courtesy of IMDb

Scott Hilke and Mechele, photo courtesy of Ranker

John, Mechele, and Kent photo courtesy of Murderpedia

Kent Leppink, photo courtesy of The Cinemaholic

John Carlin III, photo courtesy of CBS

Michele (Hughes) Linehan, photo courtesy of Twitter

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