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Episode 8: Something Very Sharp

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

As Korena Roberts prepared for the arrival of her twins, she reached out to the internet for help with nesting on a budget. Soon she cultivated a friendship with fellow mom-to-be Heather Snively who was new to the Beaverton, Oregon area. Friendship turned to obsession and before long everyone would know her dark secret. Join Alisha and Emily as they explore this heart-breaking story with the help of detectives Murray Rau and Andy Hayes, we all learn why you can’t believe everyone you meet on Craigslist.

Murder Korena Roberts (left, photo credit CBS News) Victims Heather Snively and unborn baby (Right, photo credit the Guardian)

Heather Snively and fiancé Chris Popp, photo from MySpace

Juan Felipe Campos Gomez cradles son Salvador Campos who he is raising without his wife Araceli Camacho Gomez

Our very own Alisha Holland with Detective Andy Hayes (left) and Detective Murray Rau (right)

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ID channel Deadly Women

Season 3 episode 6 Pregnant woman had bite marks on body, documents reveal

KGW Staff

Korena Roberts pleads guilty; sentenced to life in prison

Emily E Smith

Murder suspect pretended she was pregnant

Ryan Kost

Baby Cut out of Murdered Pasco Woman

Woman who cut baby from slain woman was stranger, police say

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