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Episode 80: Nikki

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

When a young trans woman went missing in Vancouver, Washington, her mother and friends knew something terrible had happened. Eventually, investigators narrowed in on a suspect, but he claimed to have simply left her standing at the side of the road. That was until he was taken to court and his story changed, from one of dismissal to self-defense and trans panic. Today, I’ll be telling the story of the inspiration for the newly signed Nikki’s Law: Nikki Kuhnhausen.

Nikki Kuhnhausen (left), David Y Bogdanov (right)

Nikki Kuhnhausen

David Y Bogdanov

Lisa Woods, Nikki's mother, photo courtesy Portland Mercury

Amariey Lej

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48 Hours S35 E13 - The Life and Death of Nikki Kuhnhausen | Mom of missing teen believes daughter is in danger | KOIN - Court docs reveal the motive behind transgender teen's murder | KOIN - Nikki Kuhnhausen's friends: 'She was so bright' | CBS News - Nikki Kuhnhausen Murder Case | Portland Mercury - Nikki Kuhnhausen Was Killed By Transphobia. Now, Her Community Fights for Her Legacy. - News - Portland Mercury | HRC Digital Reports - An Epidemic of Violence 2021 | Triblive - Friends Remember Dance Coach | Pittsburgh CBS Local - Amariey Lej Wilkinsburg Shooting Death | BJS OJP - Drug Use and Crime | Oregon live - Police Arrest Suspect | Oregon Live - Missing Vancouver Teen was Strangled | Columbian - Accused's brother and ex-girlfriend testify | Wikipedia - Gay Panic Defense | Columbian - Juror Issue Complicates Deliberations | Columbian - Bail for Man Accused in Slaying

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