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Episode 84 & 85 : This Little Piece of the Devil

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

In 1978, a rapist began a string of attacks that would last nearly 3 years and involve dozens of victims. In today’s episode, Josh will be telling the horrific details of the assaults and the lack of investigation that followed. With a city of potential victims in the dark about the monster lurking among them, what would it take for authorities to finally take the victim’s cases seriously? This is part one of This Little Piece of the Devil, the case of Kevin Coe who gained notoriety as the South Hill Rapist.

From 1978 to 1981, The South Hill Rapist, who disguised himself as a jogger, raped, assaulted, groped, and flashed dozens of women across one posh Spokane, Washington neighborhood. After a car was spotted illegally parked at a junior high running track at the time of the rapes, authorities finally tracked down a suspect: Frederick Harlan Coe. Join us today for the conclusion of This Little Piece of the Devil, Part Two.

Police sketches of the South Hill Rapist, The Spokesman Review

Fred Harlan "Kevin" Coe (left), Retronewser

Fred Harlan "Kevin" Coe, The Seattle Times

Julie Twyford, one of Fred Coe's defense attorneys, arrested for DUI accident post trial, The Spokesman-Review

Middle: Sunshine Shelly Monahan, The Spokesman-Review

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