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Episode 86: Invisible

Nestled next to the Canal Acres and Bryant nature parks in Lake Oswego, is a stereotypical little Oregon neighborhood. On any given day you can find people outside mowing their lawns, taking a walk with their dogs, or waving at a friendly neighbor, but on a summer evening in 2012, the neighborhood would be disturbed by the sound of gunshots. No one could have imagined the grizzly event that would take place in their quiet neighborhood and how one man could take the lives of those closest to him. This is the case of Adrien Graham Wallace and the innocent lives of Nick Juarez and Saundra Sue Wallace that he stole.

Adrien Graham Wallace, photo courtesy of

(L) Google images of the Wallace home (R) The Wallace home, photos courtsey of Google and

Saundra Sue Wallace, photos courtesy of

Nick Juarez, photos courtesy of NBC, The Mercury, and

Nick's parents Martin and Tamara Juarez, photo courtesy of Facebook

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