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Episode 87 & 88: End of Trail

Updated: May 16, 2022


When a well-known and adored nurse went missing in Anchorage, the city was literally brought to a halt in searching for her. It didn’t take long for a suspect to catch the detective's attention. Their concern wasn’t just because he was a neighbor, nor was it because he had outstanding warrants. It was because he had been suspected of killing before. For the next two episodes, I will be telling the stories of Della Brown, Mindy Schloss, and Joshua Wade. Three Alaskans whose lives, and deaths, would become intertwined, generating conversations about the treatment of Indigenous victims, state responsibility, and all of the hurt that could have been avoided.


Last week was the first part of the story of Josh Wade, the disappearance of Mindy Schloss, and the murder of Della Brown, whose beaten body had been found in a shed. In part two, after Josh’s friends wore a wire, Josh Wade had an arrest warrant out and police were starting their hunt for him. This all took place 7 years before Mindy Schloss, a nurse who divided her time between Fairbanks and Anchorage, went missing from her home. When authorities, who all knew the infamous case of Della Brown, learned that Joshua Wade lived next door to Mindy, their instincts told them she had probably met a terrible fate. Now if they could just find her…and him.

Della Brown (left) and Mindy Schloss (right)

Josh Wade, photo from The Cinemaholic

Mindy Schloss Home

The shed where Della's body was found

Detective Pam Perrenoud, photo from Oxygen

Vera Hapoff, photo from Anchorage Crime Stoppers

Annie Mann, photo from Justice for Native People

Michelle Foster Butler, photo from Anchorage Crime Stoppers

Neighbor Kathy, photo from Oxygen

ATM Still

Joshua Wade in court

Henry Collins Ongtowasruck, photo from Findagrave

Monte Francis - Ice and Bone: Tracking an Alaskan Serial Killer | Oxygen - Fatal Frontier: Evil in Alaska S1E2 “Death in Anchorage” | Desa Jacobsson, 69, remembered for political activism | Who we are – Tanana Chiefs Conference | Mindy Schloss Obituary (2007) - Anchorage, AK | Justice for Native People: Della Brown, Murdered in Alaska in 2000 | Data for Indigenous Justice - Research | Michelle Renee Foster Butler (1960-1999) - Find A Grave Memorial | Oregon's Jalil Abdul-Bassit still finding his way on and off the court 15 years after mother's murder - | Vera Hapoff, 1999 Unsolved Homicide from Alaska | Vera Hapoff, 06-06-99 | Alaska Serial Killer Joshua Wade. How many people did he murder? | by Robin Barefield | Man charged with Alaska Native rapes | Solitary confinement facts | American Friends Service Committee | This is what solitary confinement can do to your brain in just 72 hours | Metro News. | Feds call Joshua Wade's jailhouse wedding illegal | Wade jailhouse marriage ruled invalid by federal judge | Family of Wade's Alleged New Victim Demands Justice - Alaska Public Media | YouTube - Joshua Wades First Day in Court |

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1 Comment

Megan Smith
Megan Smith
May 11, 2022

Oh shit! Im from Alaska and I am very familiar with this case and the fucking dispicable monster who is responsible for ALL of these sickening crimes. I am a confessed true crime podcast junkie and have wondered when one of you lovely podcasters would cover this case. I like many other Alaskans was flabergasted when J wade was aquitted the first time. Its a low down dirty shame that Miss Mindy had to suffer and die for Mr Wade to get what he deserved.

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