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Episode 9: The Wolf

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

On a mild Spring night in May of 1983, a women disrupted the quiet at Mckenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Springfield, Oregon. Her terrified screams that her children had been shot echoed through the halls. Her 3 young kids; Christie Ann 8, Cheryl Lynn 7, and Stephen Daniel 3, lay bleeding within her car. Medical staff jumped in to begin life saving measures and before long, the strange story of Diane Downs unfolded and a nation would choose sides. Join Emily and Alisha as they revisit this notorious case.

Diane Downs with Children (Christie Ann 8 middle, Cheryl Lynn 7 right, and Stephen Daniel 3 left)

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Diane is finally arrested

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Diane arrives to trial as "fertile myrtle"

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Reconstructions in court to illustrate the forensic science that prosecution heavily relied on

Diane escapes in 1987 by climbing over the prison fence

11 days later, Diane is recaptured wearing the shirt of our post prison lover

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The lover? Behold!

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Emily's MurderReads

Parole Hearing in 2010

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Small Sacrifices

Ann Rule

Published by the Estate of Anne Rule in conjunction with Renaissance Literary & Talent

Daughter of Convicted Child Killer Diane Downs Opens Up About Relationship With Mom

Steve Helling

ABC News

ABC News

ABC News

KEZI 9 News


KEZI 9 News

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