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Episode 92: Crossed Paths

“When we tie you to the theft of something and that shows deception being part of your character you forfeit the right to be believed you forfeit to be treated as an honest person. And that’s the way it is,” Sgt. Reagan of the Spokane police department was quoted as saying during the investigation surrounding today's case. Perhaps your first response was “screw this guy, people deserve second chances.” But maybe the biggest and perhaps hardest lesson of the pandemic has been to see the true colors of those you thought you knew. While investigators should always process things through the lens of evidence and facts, at what point do we let someone’s history dictate their future, and when should we let bygones be bygones? This is the story of the life and murder of Kenneth Cross of Spokane, Washington, and all the red flags and herrings along the way.

Photos of Ken Cross (Oxygen)

David Brewczynski Arrest, Mug Shot

Douglas Livingston (step son) being questioned by police

Buried in the Backyard - S5E13 Buried in the House: Last Person Inside | Exclusive: Spokane Man Sentenced to Life After Killing Elderly Man | News | The Spokesman Review - 09.21.1996 Man and His Truck | The Seattle Times - Spokane Valley man, a neighborhood favorite, found beaten, dead in ransacked home | The Spokesman Review - 12.13.2002 Christmas Fund | Lolo Pass (Idaho–Montana) - Wikipedia | The Spokesman Review - Gladys Cross Obituary | The Spokesman Review - 07.19.2001 "Hap" Cross Exuded Warmth | Spokane Chronicle - 11.24.1961 PTA Slates Toy Auction | Spokane Valley killer found dead in Walla Walla cell | | Brewczynski Arrested For Ken Cross' Murder - KXLY | STATE v. BREWCZYNSKI | 294 P.3d 825 (2013) | 20130214f59 | | The Spokesman Review - 02.20.1976 Drug case jury finds man guilty | Spokane Chronicle - 04.28.1976 Jail Term | The Spokesman Review - 02.12.1976 Official Records | Housekeeper Fights To Clear Her Name - KXLY | Jury convicts career burglar of murder | The Spokesman-Review | Spokesman - Police Arrest Prolific Burglar in Break in | Ex-school worker sentenced for rape | The Spokesman-Review

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